Wordle - create beautiful poem clouds using this program

Art Pad is a great resource for, drawing and painting. You can also create great time lapse videos using this technology!

Sumo Paint is a great resource similar to a paint program.

Doink is an example of an artistic website that can be used to create flash pictures. These can be uploaded to sites including Facebook and YouTube.

Shape Collage makes wonderful picture collages. What a unique way to complete an art project without using paper! Check out the Digital Images page for examples of copyright friendly places to get photographs!

Voice Draw is an interesting tool that can be used within the classroom. You need a microphone to use this program, but the program creates a drawing based on sound! Great for students with differing needs, and for reluctant artists!

BigHugeLabs offers a variety of tools from poster making to magazine covers, to slide shows. This is a great tool that can be used by the teacher or students.

Bubbl.us is a different way to integrate technology into brainstorming. There is a choice of colours and design that can help your visual learners to really absorb information. You can also save this and link it to a blog so students are able to refer back to it when needed!

Auditory tools/Recording/Music making sites

JamStudio is a great way to create your own music. Can be a great tool to add to movies!

Recordr is another great tool that can be used to make your own music and embed!

-Voki I have used this tool throughout my internship and I have used it to communicate with my students since I have left. There are so many options to create Avatars with this site, and there are various ways you can add a "voice" to your character. This one is a lot of fun for students (and teachers!)

-Voice Thread can be a great tool within the classroom, I like the possibilities with this site because if you want your students to participate but don't have media release, you can easily post a picture of whatever they are commenting on, but still use their voice!

Jamendo is a great site with free music available for download. Remember to give credit, but these artists upload their music for use! This can be used in podcasts and other areas, just be cautious as some times there are explicit lyrics within the songs.