Irregular Plurals - Part 1
- Part 2

Who will win in Jeopardy games with the category of verbs?

Super speller - work with nouns, pronouns and verbs

Bon Appetite! Help the dragon get past the witch.

Get the idea? What's going on here?

What word fits here?

Create the story you become the author!

Please visit this site to find many great games!

The International Library offers digital stories in a variety of languages!

The Alphabet order train is a great game for new language learners

Working with sounds and reading games on the Starfall website.

Find the missing letter using pictures.

The Aurthur game site has many game options for younger children.

Learn how to tell time with this great interactive clock!

Try playing I Spy with colours here.

Listen to idioms and slang to find the meaning behind it here

Different levels of conversational and reading English practice

Beginning sounds and reading skills site- audio included!

Vocabulary building game, very addicting!

Penguins on ice sentences and punctuation.

Capitals and punctuation game!

Gamegoo language games

Picture match is a great game that has a focus on vowel sounds.

Phonics building game (competitive)!

Click here for Clifford games!

Create a comic strip like Garfield!

Funbrain has many great games!

Use this link to access a picture dictionary.

ESL Partyland offers a wide variety of language games including idioms, vocabulary building all at varying levels.

This site offers many short stories and folktales from all over the world

Phonics and Rhyming games at your fingertips!

Enchanted Learning also offers great possibilities with a membership for teachers