Sound Science

Making music with different sounds - try this game that shows different types of sound!

Can you match all of the correct sounds? Try the Magic School Bus earful game to find out!

How much sound is too much? Check out this interactive sound ruler to find out which everyday noises might be damaging your hearing!

What is pitch and how does it affect what I hear? Here's a cool tool to help you figure that out!

How does your ear work, and why is it important? Read to find information from Kids Health.

What are the parts of the ear? How do they function?
The Interactive Ear

The Interactive Ear is presented by Amplifon

Science Games and Activities

Check out these cool games all about position and motion!

New!! National Geographic Educational site!!

3M Science Lab - section for students, teachers and parents

BrainPop has great resources for many subject areas, but there is also a cost associated with full access to the site. You can sign up for a BrainPop educator account, and receive some resources.

Edheads is another great FREE resource that can be used to make curricular connections. Many of the things on this site can be used as an activity to go with your lesson.

Another site along the Science line is Science Bob, this site is great because it helps students to pick Science Projects and it also gives hints and tips for students to complete the project.

National Geographic for kids is another great site with multiple resources, interactive games and information about different animals and regions!

Scratch is a really neat programming program that can be used with really young kids to make games. Click here to have a tutorial from some of its users.