Learning about Sustainability

If you would like some additional information watch this BIll Nye video:

Alliant Energy Kids offers a tonne of information and facts about sustainability and it's limitations.

EcoKids is a website that offers some information, games and ideas for sustainability projects that you can do!

Find out how energy savvy you are with some games from Energy and Kids.
(Click on the 'New Energy' tab and find out about some cool energy efficient projects!)

When you know how different types of energy are captured, you can decide how you are going to create your own device. Check out this site for how-to information.

Just how does our use of energy impact the environment? Find out here

How big is your Carbon Footprint? Take this quiz and find out!

Sustainable designs

Check out this wikipedia article on sustainable design, and building concepts.

This group of young activists from Boston have created tonnes of awareness, and have plans to help you make a difference in a small way...or a big way! (Check out the downloads link, then click on Activist toolkit to learn about different ways YOU can make a difference).

Elementary Sustainability how to take action! Check out this site for lots of great ideas to take action!

Where in the world is our food coming from? How much energy is used to bring food to the grocery store? Could we reduce our energy usage by eating local?

TerraCycle - this project turns waste into profit for those less fortunate around the world. Be the difference you wish to see.

Experiments that work to use alternative sources of energy. Remember to ask for assistance from an adult if you are working on one of these projects.

What are other kids doing? Check out this site filled with projects other students are working on!

Greenhouse constructed with pop bottles
Solar panel heating made with pop cans
Creating backyard compost can cut down on the amount of garbage from each household

What are you going to do to make a difference?

Check out what these Elementary school students from Australia did in just 5 minutes a day!