Technology tools for Teachers

Here is a resource from Regina Public Schools that outlines Elementary Mathematics instructions.

PBS offers a great site with many activities for all subjects

Fantastic teaching reading resource. Complete with lesson ideas, and story ideas.

Make your own crossword puzzle with your own clues here!

This is a great science activity site for students.

Here is a site with some activities that are linked to the K-5 curriculum.

Here is a sticky note website that can be used by students to collaborate! offers a free totally customizable rubric generator.

Sign up for a teachers account on the Scholastic website and gain access to some great resources.

The Crayola website offers a great teacher section with ideas as well as games on the student section

the Awesome Highlighter is another example of a great tool for teachers, and possibly students. When you are gathering information that you would like to share in a lesson plan you can highlight the important parts directly on a website! This will certainly help the paperless classroom!

ClassTools is a fantastic website that allows teachers to tailor make games and activities and diagrams that work FOR YOUR STUDENTS and FOR YOUR LESSON! Customizable technology is probably the BEST tool that an educator can have access to!

SparkleBox offers a variety of free resources for teachers! Many resources are printable and can easily be used in a K-5 setting!

This website provides graphic organizers that are fun and easy to use

This is another wiki with tutorials and activities that can be used to integrate technology with curriculum outcomes!

Harpercollins has a really wonderful site with teaching resources and reading guides.

Funbrain is a great interactive website that has somethings for students of all ages, and it offers a teachers section to help you find activities that will work for your students! offers many insights and methodology ideas for teachers working with EAL students

Another ESL resource offers free flash cards and work sheets!

Phonics and Phonemic awareness skill building work sheets website.

From ESL partyland, there is a teacher section with games and ideas that can be adapted to include all learners, while helping EAL students enhance their language

Online research tools via Alec Couros